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EICR Testing & Certificates In Covent Garden WC2

EICR Testing

At BIM Electrical Group, we provide domestic and commercial EICR Testing & Certificates Covent Garden. Our experienced electricians can help ensure your electrical systems and equipment are safe to use and comply with the latest regulations.

EICR stands for Electrical Installation Condition Report. It is a comprehensive assessment of the condition of an existing electrical installation. The report will identify any damage, deterioration or safety issues that need to be addressed.

Our electricians are fully qualified and insured, so you can trust them to complete the job safely and efficiently. We also use high-quality testing equipment to ensure accurate results.

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(Periodic inspection report)

Studio Flat
£75 (up to 15 circuits)
1 bedroom property
£85 (up to 15 circuits)
2 bedroom property
£95 (up to 15 circuits)
3 bedroom property
£105 (up to 15 circuits)
4 bedroom property
£115 (up to 15 circuits)
Commercial property
£180 (up to 10 circuits and
£10 per circuit thereafter)

Sometimes known as a landlord certificate.

EICR Testing & Certificates In Covent Garden

Landlord Electrical Certificates

Landlord electrical safety certificate testing in Covent Garden must be carried out by a qualified person. BIM Electrical group specialises in rapid, accurate electrical safety certificate reporting for rented, homeowner, and commercial properties.

Electrical Safety Inspections

All landlords must have their electrical installations inspected and tested for safety by a qualified professional every 5 years. They will also need to provide tenants and local authorities with copies of the resulting safety reports, as required.

Lettings & Property Management

If you are a property management company who takes care of properties for landlords, then we can help you with organising and conducting the EICRs that are necessary to rent out properties. Contact us today to learn about our discounted rates!


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BIM Electrical provides EICR’s in Covent Garden WC2

By getting an EICR test from Electrical Services in Covent Garden, you can rest assured that your electrical installations are safe and compliant. We will provide a detailed report of our findings and any recommendations for improvements, allowing you to take the necessary steps and be confident in the safety of your premises.


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24hrs a day, 7 days a week




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